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Yearly summaries

In the academic year 2021/22, our targeted team worked with 512 target learners - over 30% of the total population of Uni Connect target learners in FE/Sixth Form colleges in London - and over 400 learners who do not live in Uni Connect target areas. Engagement on our programme follows our progression framework with learners participating in a mix of one-to-one sessions as well as specific programmes such as Brightside mentoring, our Mindmapper programme and one-off events such as campus visits. In total, we delivered over 1300 activities this year. Additionally, our adult and strategic outreach work strands supported approximately 200 learners.


In the academic year 2020/21, our targeted team delivered 1093 activities with 793 learners, of whom 489 learners live in Uni Connect target wards. We have worked with 34% of learners in target wards, far surpassing our goal from the Office for Students of 20%.

In the academic year 2020/21, our Outreach Hub facilitated three mentoring projects via Brightside and one subject tutoring project delivered via Microsoft Teams. Across the Brightside projects, 50 mentees sent 1041 messages and 24 mentors sent 1899 messages. On our other project, 13 students cumulatively received 66 contact hours of subject tutoring.

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