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Partners' Area

Welcome to the Linking London partners' area. This section of the website is only accessible to Linking London partners. To access this section you will need a username and password. For more information, please contact or call 020 3073 8186.

This area covers the five major work strands of Linking London.

Access, retention and student success, and progression



HE in FE


Each work strand contains (unless not relevant to a section)

  • Work plans
  • Resources for downloading - both Linking London and external
  • All materials produced from our Practitioner Group Meetings including minutes, meeting notes and presentations - available for downloading
  • Newsletters - available for downloading


You can also find out important information about being a Linking London member including:

  • Linking London and partner responsibilities
  • Linking London Board terms of references
  • Linking London Business and Strategic Plan

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