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HEFCE NNCO Bulletins

HEFCE have produced bulletins in order to keep networks informed about the running and coordination of this scheme. These bulletins provide the national picture and function as guides to explain how each network should operate.

The bulletins can be viewed below, and you will be able to see the topics each bulletin covers before deciding to open it.

Bulletin 1: December 2014

  • Content includes: 

    • Date for approval and awards 
    • Communications 
    • School coverage by local networks Monitoring and Evaluation 
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Bulletin 2: January 2015

  • Content includes: 

    • Funding, award letters and school coverage
    • Uncovered schools and colleges 
    • Evaluation 
    • Contacts for SPOCs, NNCO websites and logo 
    • Monitoring and evaluation 
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Bulletin 3: February 2015

  • Content includes: 

    • Data and coverage
    • JISCmail 
    • Project call for funding to enable innovative outreach in rural, coastal and urban settings 
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Bulletin 4: April 2015

  • Content includes: 

    • Monitoring
    • Use of NNCO funding 
    • NNCO projects – update on rural, coastal and urban project call 
    • NNCO evaluation 
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Bulletin 5: August 2015

  • Content includes: 

    • Funding for 2015-16
    • Year one monitoring returns 
    • Overview of which networks each school is working with 
    • NNCO briefing event in October 
    • UCAS update 
    • YouTube presentations 
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Bulletin 6: October 2015

  • Content includes: 

    • NNCO October briefing event
    • National Networks for Collaborative Outreach (NNCO): Use of formulaic allocations, guidance memo, initially issued in April 2015 
    • Arranging HEFCE meetings with networks 
    • Monitoring update- answers to common queries 
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Bulletin 7: June 2016

  • Content includes: 

    • NNCO Resource Bank
    • HEFCE blogs
    • Monitoring and evaluation of the NNCO
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Bulletin 8: September 2016

  • Content includes:

    • Monitoring webinar
    • Final NNCO event
    • NNCO evaluation event
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