Linking London | News | 5 February 2019: London NCOP-Linking London Update

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London NCOP-Linking London Update

January has been a very busy month for the NCOP team as we aim to hit 2019 running and ramp up delivery for the Spring Term.

67 activities were delivered in January in our Hub 1 and Hub 2 colleges. This includes one to one support to ward learners as well as collaborative group work with our partner universities delivering a mix of UCAS support, study skills sessions and subject specific workshops, including a session on Monologues to drama students by the actor Edmund Kingsley. We are pushing to maximise delivery this term as we learnt from last year that from April onwards there is less uptake of sessions from tutors as the end of the academic term nears.  

In hub 1, Amelia Page has now started as our NCOP engagement officer in Havering FE and Barking and Dagenham College. Amelia will be looking to continue to work with the class groups that contain high numbers of ward learners through our collaborative offer.  However, in order to reach the ward learners who are not in these groups, Amelia is looking to offer a programme of one-to-one support. This will be rolled out gradually this term, recognising that it takes time to build relationships with tutors and support staff and that the NCOP must add value to the existing offer. In Havering Sixth Form College, working closely with the lead evaluator for the London NCOP, Ellen Randall, we are setting up a learner voice group to inform the ongoing development of the programme and individual activities.

In hub 2, we are pleased that an innovative peer mentoring project is underway in London South East Colleges. These matches ward learners with current undergraduates studying in the FE College and aims to understand the barriers that target students face as well as encourage them to meet with academic staff delivering higher education in the college to understand the content of undergraduate degree programmes and to feel comfortable mixing with academic staff. 

In other news, following the announcement that funding for Phase two of the NCOP has been approved in principle, we are meeting with our Steering Group on 12 February to discuss our next steps which will begin with a review of all our partner projects that currently run until July this year.  We have also submitted our Q7/8 return to the OfS and are currently working with auditors to obtain audit certification.

Finally, we are delighted to have launched our Linking London NCOP Instagram. As a resource specifically for students, this will share advice, key information, case studies and events related to career and education opportunities. The link can be found below:

If you are interested in finding out more about Linking London’s NCOP and how you can get involved, please do get in touch with our Programme Coordinator, . Please do also keep up to date with our NCOP by looking at our NCOP tab on the Linking London website.


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