Linking London | News | 26 May 2022: Event Report – BTEC Practitioner Group Online Meeting

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BTEC Practitioner Group Online Meeting

On the 26th May, Linking London held the third and last BTEC Practitioner Group online meeting of the academic year.

After a warm welcome from Andrew Jones, Director at Linking London, delegates heard first from Chris Bayes, Programme Manager for Specialist Evidence, at Evaluation and Research (SEER) and Rebecca Sykes, Educational Engagement Manager at University of Leeds who presented to the group firstly giving an overview of NEON’s working group and its main aims including future plans and objectives. CB also highlighted their recent publication ‘Guiding Principles’, in collaboration with Pearson.  

A college and university partner update then followed where partners shared information on work with BTEC learners, including BTEC delivery, outreach support, and any challenges or good practice to share. 

After a short break, we then heard from Ria Bhatta, Head of Stakeholder Engagement at Pearson the group on the latest BTEC news and developments including the provisional list of qualifications being defunded, its impact and the timeline. Ria also highlighted the new HEPI report ‘Holding talent back?’ on ‘What is Next for the Future of Level 3?’ with a focus on potential impact of defunding many BTEC/Applied General type qualifications at Level 3.   

The next BTEC Practitioner Group Meeting will be in the Autumn term, date and time TBC 

Presentations, recording and meeting note 

To view the presentations, recording and meeting note from the day please click here. This link will take you to the Partners' Area SharePoint site. You must be a Linking London member to access this website, if you do not have access or have any issues logging in, please email 


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