Linking London | News | 25 March 2021: Event report - Linking London HE in FE Practitioner Group Meeting

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Linking London HE in FE Practitioner Group Meeting

The second HE in FE Practitioner Group Meeting of the academic year chaired by David Hillier, former Assistant Principal - HE and Business Development at South Thames Colleges Group, was held on the 25th March.

After a warm welcome from David Hillier, the meeting began with a presentation from Donna Pike, Head of Higher Education at South Thames Colleges Group who presented to the group the effect of the pandemic on HE in FE provision, including the challenges and opportunities, the changes this year has brought about and the plans for the future. The group were able to share their challenges and what they may be concerned about with regard to the future of HE in their college. 

A partner round table update then followed where our partners gave updates on HE in FE provision and related issues, the discussion included online learning, FE and HE partnerships, lesson delivery and challenges. 

Delegates then heard from David Hillier, former Assistant Principle at South Thames Colleges Group. David presented to the group looking at The Skills White Paper including the key content, what does it mean for HE in FE, how will it influence behaviour, what does it mean for London and the GLA Higher Skills Advisory Group feedback. 

Lastly, Sue Betts, Executive Director at Linking London gave an update to the group on the Linking London Green Pledge for London including the pledge goals, mapping of ‘Green’ courses and the next steps. 

The next HE in FE meeting will take place on 20th May 2021, 2-4pm 

Presentations, recording and meeting note  

 To view the presentations, recording and meeting note from the day please click here. This link will take you to the new partners' area. You must be a Linking London member to access this section of the website. If you do not have access, then please email . 


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