Linking London | News | 18 October 2018: #LoveOurColleges Week - New Linking London College HE e-prospectus for staff

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New Linking London College HE e-prospectus for staff

To coincide with #LoveOurColleges Colleges Week Linking London would like to highlight our college HE e-prospectus.

Linking London for the first time has created a college HE prospectus which details the wide ranging HE courses available in London colleges.

HE delivered in colleges is unique in its offering and provides fantastic opportunities for student who may not suit a full time, three year university degree programme. This guide outlines what 30 London colleges are offering in terms of their HE provision. Each college has a dedicated section providing course information and level offered. This guide also lists comparisons by subject group, apprenticeships (higher and degree), professional qualification and qualification level for each of the colleges.

College HE has much to offer students and can in many cases be the best option for students wanting to progress above Level 3. However, it is not always the case that college HE is talked about, promoted or marketed in a way that gives students all the available options. Here at Linking London we hope that this e-prospectus will act as the first step in contributing to raising the awareness of college HE in London. The guide is aimed at college staff, including those working with learners who want to progress above Level 3, to aid them when talking to learners about all the available options.

Linking London has taken course provision listed in this guide from individual college websites and has gone through a checking process with our college HE partners. It is our intention that this guide is regularly updated  to ensure that the information contained is accurate and remains up to date.

It is our intention that we will follow this e-prospectus publication with a student guide in the future, which will not only detail the college HE offer in London but provide application and decision making advice to ensure students can make a well informed decision about their next steps.

For a copy of the publication Linking London members can access this through our partner area of our website, for non-member please email


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