Linking London | News | 17th June 2021: Event report – Student Retention and Success Meeting

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Student Retention and Success Meeting

On the 17th June, Linking London held the third and final Student Retention and Success Meeting of the academic year chaired by Michael Hill, Assistant Professor in Learning & Teaching at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

After a warm welcome from Michael Hill, partners then introduced themselves to the group and gave a short update about their institution and its current priorities. 

Marva de la Coudray, Head of Access, Participation and Student Success, SOAS University of London then presented to the group on the importance of understanding assessment in improving student outcomes including some highlights from SOAS’ Access and Participation plan, an overview of the work they are doing to improve student outcomes, understanding attainment via assessments and what's next. 

After a short comfort break, we heard from Lizzie Watts, Director of Accreditation and Standards, Pearson who presented to the group on The Future of Qualifications & Assessment research project including the methodology, the findings, the four guiding principles and phase 2 of the research. 

Following this, we looked at the inclusive assessment initiative carried out by Wolverhampton University and the importance of students understanding what is expected of them within the assessment process. We then split up into two breakout groups to discuss ‘How in your institution are students helped to unpack assessment and what are the challenges?’ A full write up of the discussion groups can be found on the Partner Area. 

Lastly, Michael Hill shared some useful resources on assessments and discussed topics for future meetings. 

The next Student Retention and Success meeting will be in the Autumn term, date and time TBC.  

Presentations, recording and meeting note  

To view the presentations, recording and meeting note from the day please click here. This link will take you to the new Linking London Partner Area SharePoint site. You must be a Linking London member to access this section of the website. If you do not have access, please email 


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