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1 October 2020: Uni Connect (NCOP) - Linking London Update

Uni Connect (NCOP) Targeted Update

It goes without saying that the start to the new academic year has been unusual, and challenging to navigate, with a good deal of uncertainty. However, we have been very impressed with the determination and enthusiasm demonstrated by Engagement Officers and HE partners already, as everyone has jumped straight in with scheduling activities and catching up with Year 2 Level 3 learners as quickly as possible, while also lending a lot of support through the transition back to the classroom.

For Hub 1, at Havering Sixth Form College, a full schedule of Personal Statement sessions have been planned, with support from St Mary’s University, and further UCAS support for second years is continuing. Staff are checking in with their students face to face, including our new 1-1 Support Officer Claire who now has her own allocation across both of the Havering campuses, including Level 2 learners who we are continuing to work with across all hubs. At Havering College of Further and Higher Education Amelia is working hard to get students registered with UCAS. At Hub 2, there is a similar focus on UCAS. We’re happy to report that all partner universities are offering drop in Personal Statement clinics via webinar at Coulsdon College and these are planned in for the whole of October and November. We are really pleased to hear that at Coulsdon, a ward learner is applying to study Medicine. LSEC’s new London NCOP website is set to go live next week, with resources, links to student services, and a calendar of activities. Over in Hub 3, Richmond-upon-Thames College continues to work with St Mary’s, and are now confirmed to hold IAG sessions on a drop in basis, every week, and learners can book these online. Recruitment is taking place for the UAL mentoring scheme, across Havering Sixth Form College, Havering College of Further and Higher Education, and Thomas Tallis School. Recruitment of more mentors for the St Mary’s mentoring project is also ongoing.

Central team’s new Programme Officer Ruby has been in post for three weeks and is settling in well, despite the challenges of starting a new job from home. If you haven’t yet had a chance to say hello please do feel free to get in touch with her at This past month we have been working on evaluation in different formats to be shared more widely, and in connection with this stepping up our social media presence. To this end, please do chat to us on Twitter (@Linking_London) and if you get a chance to point any learners in the direction of our Instagram page (@linking_londonncop) that would be great too!

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Outreach Hub Update  

We have finalised a range of resources in the last few months, which can all be found on our website here. Do let us know if you would like physical copies of any of the posters or guides sent to you. We are producing an Access to HE Diploma Package which will consist of pre-recorded videos produced by 5 of our HE partners and a live Q&A session with student ambassadors – you can register for that here and the package will be released in the week of October 19th. We have recently added our ‘routes into’ mapping to the website, highlighting the college offer for 3 subject areas – healthcare, performing arts, and engineering. Our bulletin continues to highlight online outreach activities, you can see past issues here and subscribe here. As always, if you have any questions or requests for support, do get in touch with Jess or Melanie.


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