Linking London | News | 1 March 2022: Uni Connect (NCOP) - Linking London Update

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Uni Connect (NCOP) - Linking London Update

The Uni Connect team working with young learners in target wards has now worked with 285 ward learners, which takes us over our 20% target already. We have also worked with over 300 other learners additionally, who do not live in target post codes but who often meet other measures of disadvantage. On average, each ward learner has benefited from 2.9 interventions, adding up to 2.6 hours contact time each. We hope that by the end of the academic year, all ward learners will have benefited from at least three interventions each.

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a virtual parent talk on Student Finance on 9 March, with Ben Rutter from SLC and two speakers from UAL and Middlesex, as well as a parent joining the Q&A panel who has recently been through the student finance application process herself. This event is designed for parents and carers of those applying to university for entry this year (22/23), but other year group students and their families are also welcome to attend. Please promote this event to any relevant networks using this registration link:



Adult learner and strategic outreach strand update

We’d like to reflag our Padlet repositories and brokerage support in this month’s update.

Padlet is an online resource for sharing information approaches to outreach for adults and underrepresented groups in HE. HE partners are welcome to use this resource but also to contribute anything, particularly good practice, they feel would be useful for other partners.

FE partners can request support with outreach activity for adult learners by filling in this form:  Spring/Summer term brokerage support for adult learners - support request form. At this time of year, for example, partners may need support with student finance workshops. We will reach out to HE partners to fill the request.


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