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The key objective for our London NCOP is to increase the numbers of Year 9-13 students from the 13 target wards progressing on to higher level learning. This includes progression to any form of higher level learning, whatever the mode of study. The London NCOP is expected to engage with at least 20 percent of the target population.


In addition to the main overall target we will also work to achieve further objectives:

• develop a programme that supports the development of knowledge about the full range of HE opportunities available (both amongst the learners and the key adults who support them).

• ensure that participation in the programme informs HE decision-making and choices.

• develop a programme that is empowering, fostering positive self-development; and explore any differences in the learners’ experiences of the programme linked to whether or not they had aspirations to progress to higher level learning  at the beginning of the programme.


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Below details the 13 wards, identified by the OfS, where our programme of activities will be focused. 

Table 1: Target ward information for London NCOP

NCOP target wardCounty
combined county (NUTS2)
Observed young participation rateExpected participation rate (accounting for KS4 attainment only)Expected participation rate (accounting for KS4 attainment and ethnicity)
Cray Valley East (00AFGM) Greater London 22.5% 25.5% 25.4%
Eltham West (00ALGW) Greater London 24.0% 23.6% 27.0%
Feltham West (00ATGE) Greater London 23.8% 25.5% 28.2%
Fieldway (00AHGN) Greater London 17.4% 19.3% 22.4%
Gooshays (00ARGG) Greater London 19.2% 22.5% 22.4%
Havering Park (00ARGK) Greater London 18.5% 24.6% 23.8%
Heaton (00ARGL) Greater London 18.0% 23.1% 23.6%
New Addington (00AHGR) Greater London 16.1% 22.8% 24.1%
North End (00ADGR) Greater London 21.0% 22.5% 24.2%
Parsloes (00ABGJ) Greater London 22.1% 28.5% 29.3%
River (00ABGK) Greater London 22.1% 24.1% 27.1%
St Helier (00BFGK) Greater London 21.8% 22.8% 23.5%
Wandle Valley (00BFGU) Greater London 18.7% 22.5% 23.1%
  • Wards are 2001 Census Area Statistic wards (ONS)
  • Rates have been rounded to 1dp
  • Observed and expected participation rates are based on tracking state school pupils aged 15 between 2003/04 and 2007/08. For further information click here.
  • (5) NCOP target wards are: POLAR3 Q1 and Gaps Q1 or 2 (gaps accounting for KS4 attainment and ethnicity); OR POLAR3 Q1 and Gaps Q1 or 2 (gaps accounting for KS4 attainment only)


To see more data please see the OfS Uni Connect web pages.

While AccessHE and Aimhigher London are focusing their work on schools, north and south of the river respectively, Linking London are engaging with further education and sixth form colleges that sit in, or near to, the wards identified.