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Staff Development

  • Provide continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities through staff development events on key topics of concern
  • A minimum offer of twenty staff development events and practitioner meetings a year – free places for any number of partner staff, space permitting
  • A certificate of attendance to be made available for all participants, with the longer term aim of seeking accreditation for staff and/or the development of an Associateship for Linking London members
  • Networking and knowledge exchange opportunities for partners and their staff to create opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, including through Linking London practitioner groups (IAG, HE in FE, Access and BTEC etc.) and project work
  • Maximise and continue to disseminate the findings of the GLAS EU (including the RIO journal) and the CATS projects on the characteristics and role of continuous professional development in the work of HE and FE, including the development of more flexible modes of delivery, credit accumulation and addressing issues of gender and class
  • Access to a national network of expert advice, support and resources through our continuing links with remaining Lifelong Learning Networks and other stakeholders such as UVAC, UCAS, QAA, the FE Guild, SPA, SLC, NAS, the AoC and the HEA.


Linking London events

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You can read about previous events and download presentations and papers from the events here.