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How the project worked

The project was managed by a Project Manager and overseen by a Project Steering Group which met six times between the start of the project, 1 July 2012 and the end, 30 June 2013. Individual partners developed their own work-plans within an overall framework of development.

The project aimed to meet the following overall aims:

  • To develop a comprehensive  framework of curriculum provision that supports transition to named management courses / awards at levels 4/5 from a range of discrete level 3 provision at respective partner HEIs/FECs
  • To develop this offer, in association with the professional bodies, CMI, IAM,ILM and City & Guilds to facilitate take-up of appropriate professional body accreditation, where appropriate
  • To examine ways of embedding the use and take-up of APEL to enhance the flexibility and potential time-frame within which individual students can progress through named awards
  • To support credit articulation of this provision, to enhance flexibility of take-up
  • To publicise this offer to students in a timely and appropriate manner
  • To ensure/ support transferability of process to other curriculum areas (e.g. STEM; Sustainable Development)